Ep. 21 | Save Money and Reduce Food Waste! How To Store Mushrooms so They Last Longer

podcast episodes Nov 28, 2023
mushrooms, food waste, produce

Tired of dealing with slimy brown-spotted mushrooms in your refrigerator? The worst part is this– these are the ones you’ve just bought, so you haven’t even had the chance to use them yet! Super frustrating, isn’t it? If you love mushrooms as much as our family does, you’ll definitely want to keep the ones you buy fresh and usable for as long as possible. And where we live, they can get pretty expensive too. So how do you prevent the store-bought mushrooms you get from going bad too fast, so they’ll still be usable in your next mushroom dish? 

Let me show you. Listen in to Episode 21 “Save Money and Reduce Food Waste! How To Store Mushrooms so They Last Longer” and find out! 

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In this episode, I’ll tell you the best ways to pick and store fresh mushrooms, so they can stay in good condition longer in your fridge. That way you’ll be able to maximize food shopping dollars, lessen food wastage AND keep eating plant-based on a budget. I hope this episode helps you in your plant-based diet transition!

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [4:30] Benefits of eating mushrooms
  • [7:00] Step 1: Whole versus sliced
  • [7:25] Don’t miss this extra pro-tip! 
  • [7:40] Step 2: Remove from packaging
  • [8:30] Step 3: Transfer and prep mushrooms for storage
  • [9:00] Step 4: Close bag opening
  • [9:12] Step 5: Where to store in the refrigerator
  • [9:50] Summary and action step you can take
  • [10:10] Where to gain more produce stretching hacks and support


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