Ep. 8 | How Plant-Based Eating Dropped Her Cholesterol and Transformed Her Mental Health: Interview With Sandra (Part 2)

podcast episodes Aug 29, 2023
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Do you have high cholesterol and struggle with anxiety about getting heart attacks, heart disease, or of being put on medication? If so, learn how a whole food plant-based diet and regular exercise can make a BIG difference to one’s health…for some within as little as 6 months, like it did for Sandra. Listen in to part 2 of the Interview I had with Sandra Y., whose real-life experience of health transformation amazed even her own doctor and other health professionals, because of what her health condition was like just 6 months prior. 

In this part, we dive more into the other positive health benefits Sandra experienced besides improved blood glucose control, such as better heart and mental health. We also talk about her exercise routine, and learn more about how this lifestyle change has impacted her family. Finally, she gives a key tip to help and encourage those starting or continuing their plant-based diet journeys. 

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After recording this interview, Sandra actually had a second 6-month doctor’s check up appointment with complete lab work done.
It confirms that she is no longer pre-diabetic or diabetic, and her cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, vitamin levels, magnesium and potassium levels were all within range as well. Since the recording, she has continued to lose weight to a total of nearly 60 pounds and is currently at 142 pounds.

One important take home message from this interview is this: Your current health issues can make things seem or feel helpless and hopeless. But don’t stay there, because change IS possible and there IS help and support available. Don’t let your health issues get the better of you!

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It may not need to be a complete overnight dietary change like what Sandra did and be as dramatic as removing everything from kitchen cupboards (though that IS one way to do it). Your change to a plant-based diet can be a more gradual yet purposeful transition. Start small and reach out if you need more guidance on your plant-based diet journey. Contact me at [email protected] or check out the Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course to support you making this change. I’m cheering you on!

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [3:00] Overview of key health changes since her plant-based diet transition
  • [5:00] Her diagnosis of dangerously high cholesterol levels
  • [6:30] How plant-based eating impacted her cholesterol levels in 6 months 
  • [9:30] Take home message 1: Don’t give up once you have a diagnosis
  • [14:00] Whether you can eat fruit with diabetes
  • [17:08] How her whole family reacted to the change to eating WFPB
  • [20:00] Her change in exercise routine since changing to plant-based eating
  • [22:00] Take home message 2: every little bit adds up
  • [23:00] Exercise tips

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