Ep. 18 | Where To Get Your Protein on a Plant Based Diet - Eat These Protein-Rich Foods!

podcast episodes Nov 07, 2023
beans, legumes, lentils

Will eating plant-based give enough protein? This is one of the most common questions I get from those considering a plant-based diet. And for those who have started a plant-based diet already, protein adequacy can still be a constant worry and concern. It’s true that one of the biggest benefits we get from meats and other animal-based foods is protein. So, since we’re so used to getting protein from meats, we’re now at a loss at how to manage without them. Is this a worry on your mind too?

That’s why I want to dive into this topic of protein adequacy today.
In this episode, I’ll show you which plant-based foods are high in protein, so you can be confident starting your plant-based diet transition or staying on a plant-based diet. Meeting your daily protein needs CAN be easy… if you know where to look. So grab your water or tea and let’s get into today’s topic!

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Actually, outside the plant-based diet world,
it’s also one of the most common objections or areas of resistance to eating plant-based. In fact, my extended family (who eat a regular diet) have also brought this issue up to me before as well. So, if you have this question at the back of your mind or have gotten this topic raised by others around you, you’re in good company. In fact, I also get this concern expressed not JUST from men exploring plant-based eating, but from women in my Community, and from my clients too! 

I hope you’ll remember this - success with plant-based eating is not about just eating anything that’s plant-based or vegan and ‘hope’ for the best. There DOES need to a be some thought and intention behind planning the meals in your day - the smart way – so you can easily meet your daily protein needs. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [2:53] One of the biggest reasons behind the ‘protein worry’
  • [5:00] Key nutrients found in whole plant-based foods
  • [5:38] Protein-rich plant-based foods 
  • [6:00] Examples of plant-based foods and their protein content
  • [7:09] Whether eating protein from plants instead of meats have long-term negative effects on muscle mass
  • [10:00] How the Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course can help you meet your protein needs

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