Ep. 26 | What You Need for TRUE Success on a Plant-Based Diet (Don’t Miss This!)

podcast episodes Jan 02, 2024
2024, new year

Curious to know the SECRET to long-term success on a plant-based diet? How are some able to maintain a lifestyle change like this for months and years, improving their health and dropping pounds along the way, while others are struggling to even get started or to stay plant-based? Maybe you’re already tried in the past to make changes or to build a new habit…but it seldom lasted. So, you’re worried the same thing will happen when you try to transition to plant-based eating.

If that’s your concern, don’t miss this episode! In this first part of the Plant-Based Diet Success Series, I want to show you
the KEY elements you’ll need for a smooth transition to a plant-powered lifestyle, and HOW to sustain it. This way, you’ll walk away knowing exactly what areas to build on so you can enjoy a thriving plant-powered life and reach your desired health and weight goals. I’m also making an exciting announcement during this episode so listen in!

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 Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [1:38] Announcing the Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course Bundle! 
  • [5:09] Why most people fail when starting something new like a lifestyle change
  • [7:30] Don’t make this mistake!
  • [8:34] Secret to long-term success on a plant-based diet – 4 critical components
  • [12:20] Why you need all 4 critical components in your transition working together
  • [13:58] Addressing a common concern: that plant-based eating will take too much time and cooking
  • [15:48] How the Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course can support you

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