Ep. 16 | Reducing Meds & Heart Disease with a Plant-Based Diet – Interview with Paul (Part 1)

podcast episodes Oct 24, 2023
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Are you worried about high cholesterol levels and being now at risk for a sudden heart attack and other heart problems? Or maybe you’ve already had one and don’t know if there will be another one coming. Well, if you’re tired of taking all those heart meds and want a solutionwithout MORE meds or surgery, listen in to this interview I had with my guest, Paul C.

In interview Part 1
, Paul shares the symptoms and experience he had of a heart attack at only 40 years of age, with a subsequent one just two years later. As a result, he had two stent placements and was also placed on multiple medications, including those for cholesterol, angina and blood pressure. Learn what led him to finally make the change to a plant-based diet lifestyle and some of the positive changes he started experiencing as a result, after just 4 months of starting a whole food plant-based diet!


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Paul’s story is such a good reminder of the importance of recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack early, and of how crucial it is to have prompt medical treatment to prevent worse outcomes. It’s also a reminder that
heart attacks can happen at any time, not just in much later adult years, so it’s paramount to make the right diet and lifestyle choices NOW so that better health can be enjoyed now AND into the future.

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [4:05] Paul’s diet and lifestyle prior to making a serious change 
  • [6:10] His first heart attack event
  • [9:24] Paul’s second heart attack event 
  • [11:00] The doctor’s recommended diet changes following the first heart attack
  • [11:55] The real lifestyle turning point in his life 
  • [14:47] Busting a myth: plant-based diets are boring and bland 
  • [15:43] Positive health changes experienced – weight loss and dropped meds
  • [18:20] How to get support on your health journey

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