How to Enjoy True Success on a Plant-Based Diet

plant based diet transition tips Feb 26, 2023
Various vegetables, fruit, nuts and legumes

Starting a plant-based diet can be an exciting yet overwhelming time. It often entails learning about new ingredients, different ways of prepping and cooking them, and getting familiar with new tastes and textures. This article shows you where your focus REALLY needs to be if you want to maximize your chances of building a solid foundation for a lifetime of thriving sustained health on a plant-powered diet.

Where’s Your Current Focus?

The FIRST thing many people rush to do when starting a plant-based diet is this: scouring the Internet, cookbooks or social media channels for recipes, recipes and MORE recipes. Is this you?

While that’s indeed a natural and necessary part of making a diet change, focusing solely on recipes is missing the boat on a successful plant-based diet transition. Why? Because there’s SO much more you need to do if you want to succeed at this new lifestyle for LIFE!

Let me explain.

What’s Your House Like?

Imagine that you are building a three-story house…all from scratch. Would it be more logical and wiser to start building from the roof down or from the foundation upwards? I think you would agree it would be the latter – from the bottom up.  

How well your foundation is built and the materials you use in construction can also have a big impact on the stability of the house built, and how well it can weather ‘the elements’ for years to come. So that’s the same with a plant-based diet transition. Make sure you build a solid foundation from the get-go with the right plant-based foods if you want to enjoy minimal transition challenges and a sustained plant-thriving lifestyle!

The Transition Iceberg

Yet, unfortunately, many people approach plant-based eating the wrong way…from the ‘top down’. They spend so much time and energy looking for and then trying vegan or plant-based recipes scoured from the Internet, that they don’t realize that recipes only form one component of a solid transition plan. In fact, recipes are only the TIP of the Transition Iceberg!


There are actually many little-known yet crucial components 'beneath the surface' that make a HUGE difference to your transition success and how well you will be able to sustain your new lifestyle long-term.

These components include:

  • Setting the right plant-powered mindset for this new way of eating
  • Having the right, realistic expectations for your transition so you can approach this phase in the right way
  • Setting up your kitchen with the right kitchen tools and equipment for fast and efficient cooking (that aren’t expensive or costly!)
  • Getting a foundational knowledge of key plant-based ingredients (before you start cooking them) so you better understand what they are and how to best use them
  • Learning practical strategies so you can prep and cook whole plant-based foods with ease, EVEN when life gets busy or challenging

 As you can see there’s so much (and more!) to consider when building a strong foundation for a good transition and long-term enjoyment on a plant-based diet.

A student in my Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course remarked that it took a little bit of time getting to the course recipes at the beginning of the course, though she loved the clear, step-by-step approach of the course. Her specific feedback was this: “I really love the way you laid down the foundation and mindset, I believe this will be a big factor in my success.”

What she said was true - the first Module features 2 recipes, with 27 more Course recipes provided in the remaining Modules. But that’s intentional. The first Module has been specifically designed to equip students with the key essentials necessary to lay a strong foundation for a lasting plant-powered life. This includes building a plant-powered mindset, setting the right transition expectations and transforming the kitchen so you are ready to get cooking in a plant-powered way.

Think about it, you have a lifetime to enjoy cooking a variety of recipes, but a solid foundation to this way of eating is what you will want to build properly first (and ideally only once).

So, my advice? Don’t focus immediately on finding recipes, because that is just the TIP of the Transition Iceberg. Look ‘beneath the surface’ first to lay a strong foundation that can support a lifetime of plant-powered eating!