Ep. 12 | Got Gas and Bloating Eating Plant-Based? Here Are 4 Likely Reasons Why

podcast episodes Sep 26, 2023
gas pains, stomach ache, bloating

Have you started your plant-based diet transition, but don’t know why you’re getting so much gas and bloating, and wonder when it will ever end? Maybe you’ve only been eating this way for a week, or have been transitioning for a few months. But either way, you're finding the gas pain and embarrassment nearly unbearable. You’re scared now to eat too many plant-based foods like beans and don’t know why others seem to have a smooth sailing transition with little to no gas issues. Feels discouraging and defeating, doesn’t it? 

Well, if you’re dealing with this problem, you’re not alone. Each year, I see this same challenge being raised in Facebook groups, including my own, by many moving to plant-based eating. While some are experiencing horrible gut pains and smelly gas in the first few weeks, others are still dealing with this same problem many months down the line. So why is this happening? Let’s talk about that in this episode! 

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I share 4 likely reasons why lots of excess gas, bloating and other gut symptoms can be experienced in the transition period. And if you haven’t started plant-based eating yet, that’s even better. Make sure you listen in so you’ll know how to avoid potential gut issues and enjoy a smooth transition – right from the get go!

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [5:33] 3 simple basics you must understand
  • [8:10] Reason #1: Making too big of a sudden jump
  • [9:00] Reason #2: Eating a ton of raw produce
  • [9:54] Reason #3: Not prepping and cooking legumes right 
  • [10:58] Reason #4: Having a more sensitive gut or GI system at baseline
  • [12:00] An action step you can take

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