Ep.57 | Avocados: Fruit, Vegetable or Something Else? Surprising Facts and Benefits [Ingredient Spotlight]

podcast episodes Jul 09, 2024
avocados, fruit, vegetable, health

Do you want to start plant-based eating but feel intimidated by all these new and different plant-based foods and ingredients? Take avocados for example – are they a fruit, vegetable or something else? Just the dark leathery skin of an avocado itself looks intimidating. So what’s actually in an avocado and should you eat them?


Let’s dive into the fascinating world of avocados together. In this fun Ingredient Spotlight episode, we’ll look at how healthful avocados are and whether you should be including them in meals. I’m certain you’ll walk away surprised and inspired, and possibly armed with some fun facts to impress future dinner guests. So listen in!


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Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [1:40] Podcast Review Spotlight
  • [3:02] How you can help support this podcast
  • [4:43] My first experience with avocados (that I can remember!)
  • [5:50] What avocados really are in terms of classification
  • [6:37] What avocados provide nutritionally 
  • [7:33] Other health benefits to eating avocados
  • [9:00] An important consideration to keep in mind
  • [10:09] How you can easily master the basics of plant-based eating

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