Key Takeaway from Neal Barnard's TedX Power Brain Foods Talk

plant-based diet benefits Jan 10, 2022

Cognitive decline is inevitable…or is it?

Short term memory loss, forgetfulness, fuzzy memories, dementia, Alzheimer’s…you name it. Heck we’ve seen it happen to our own loved ones..

The statistics are rather depressing. According to the World Health Organization, there are around 55 million people who have dementia worldwide, with the numbers expected to continue to increase dramatically with each decade. And there’s no treatment currently available to cure dementia. In the United States alone, about 6.2 million seniors 65 years and older are living with Alzheimer’s today.*

But is this something we have to accept as inevitable with the progression of time, or is there something we can do about it?

Yes, you can naturally boost your brain power!

It’s possible to give your brain a POWER boost easily and simply starting today through whole plant-based foods…without brain surgeries, expensive medicines or therapies! Watch this video to learn how 📹 (Spoiler alert: It’s easier than you think!)

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This is my takeaway from Neal Barnard’s TEDxBismarck talk titled ‘Power Foods for the Brain’. You’ll find out which foods carry powerful antioxidants and the benefits these have on our bodies…even beyond brain health!

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