Ep. 5 | Plant-Based Versus Keto: Which Can Truly Improve or Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

podcast episodes Aug 08, 2023
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Hi Friend, do you have type 2 diabetes and have followed the standard diabetes eating plan recommended by your doctor, but with no real results? You’re feeling disappointed and fed up with endlessly controlling your blood sugars with meds. That’s why you may be now looking for a better solution to get your blood glucose levels down naturally, but HOW? You’ve heard on social media about the keto diet and about plant-based eating helping diabetes. It’s all so confusing. Which will really improve or reverse your diabetes?

Let’s find out. In today’s episode, we’ll compare these two eating patterns so you’ll know which way of eating can TRULY help you beat type 2 diabetes over the long run and which will ONLY be a temporary fix. We’ll look at some similarities and crucial differences between the two, so you’ll have the clarity you need to make the best decisions moving forward towards better blood sugars and health!


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Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [3:10] A common scenario many go through upon diagnosis with diabetes
  • [5:50] The link between diabetes and insulin resistance
  • [6:50] The keto diet solution to diabetes
  • [10:00] The true cause of insulin resistance
  • [11:00] Three key ways how a whole food plant-based diet can improve insulin resistance and blood sugar levels
  • [13:30] Other potential problems a keto diet lifestyle can bring

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