Ep. 44 | Don’t Toss Your Money Out! Here’s What To Do With That Limp Lettuce

podcast episodes Apr 09, 2024
lettuce, leafy green

Are you tired of wasting money and effort buying fresh produce…only to have much of it spoil before you are able to use it? I’ve certainly dealt with this before and know how frustrating it can be. Well, let’s talk about one common scenario– that of dealing with limp and perishing leafy greens. How can you save these greens and keep more shopping dollars in your pocket?

In this episode, I’ll show you two simple strategies you can use to save those perishing lettuce leaves, so you can still enjoy them to nourish your body and health. Learn how to thrive eating plant-powered, while STILL eating plant-based on a budget!

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Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [1:54] Review Spotlight
  • [2:50] How you can support this podcast
  • [5:50] The first thing to do with limp leafy greens
  • [6:16] Scenario 1: leafy greens are only a little bit wilted
  • [7:48] Scenario 2: leafy greens are half wilted and you want to use them soon
  • [8:43] Two additional pro-tips!
  • [9:43] An action step you can take
  • [9:58] Where to learn more money-saving hacks and strategies

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