Ep. 43 | Are Plant-Based Diets Too High Carb for Those with Diabetes?

podcast episodes Apr 02, 2024
carbs, diabetes, plant based diet

Do you want to improve your health and blood sugars, but worry about eating more carbs if you move to a plant-based diet? You know eating plant-based would mean more fruit, whole grains and beans…which are all foods you may have severely limited or avoided before. So wouldn’t eating this way make your blood sugars go haywire and worsen your diabetes or prediabetes?

Let’s find out. In this episode, learn whether a plant-based diet would really be too high in carbohydrates for those with diabetes, or whether this way of eating can actually help improve and possibly even reverse this condition. I deeply hope this episode helps you in your health journey!

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Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [1:42] How diabetes can impact your health and life
  • [3:17] How to get more support to improve your diabetes
  • [4:22] A common experience many have when receiving a new diagnosis of diabetes 
  • [6:04] Whether plant-based diets are too high carb for those with diabetes
  • [6:19] Reason #1: It’s not just about the carbs
  • [7:16] Reason #2: The type of carbs really matter
  • [9:08] Reason #3: A whole food plant-based diet is high in the right kind of carbs
  • [12:01] The importance of what you eat on a plant-based diet
  • [12:43] How to connect with me to get more support on your journey

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