Ep. 4 | Why You May Not Be Losing Weight Eating Plant-Based – 5 Troubleshooting Questions To Ask  

podcast episodes Aug 01, 2023

Have you started plant-based eating recently but feel discouraged that the pounds don’t seem to be coming off? Maybe you’re frustrated and tired of going around in circles on the scale and are even contemplating going back to a previous fad diet that gave you a faster result. Yet, you see others on social media on a plant-based diet and they seem to be shedding pounds easily and readily sharing their success. So why is weight loss so much harder for you? Let me help. In this episode, I’ll share 5 key troubleshooting questions you should ask yourself, to help you pinpoint areas you can work on to speed up your weight loss progress. Let’s get you moving faster towards your health and weight goals!

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Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [2:30] How the struggle to lose weight is real and can be frustrating
  • [4:30] Why it’s important to know and use the basic principles of weight loss to guide you
  • [5:30] The first key step to troubleshooting: be aware what your meals have been like lately
  • [7:10] Key question 2: Ask yourself whether you are eating the right foods and portions
  • [8:30] Key question 3: Examine how you are burning off the energy consumed
  • [9:30] Why it is important to know your snacks and snacking pattern
  • [10:20] Whether you should rely solely on the scale to track your progress and other non-scale measures that can be used
  • [12:00] A simple action step you can take right away to being moving towards your weight goals


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