Ep. 37 | No More Diabetes – Normal Blood Sugars After 5 Weeks Eating Plant-Based! Interview with Chrystal [Part 1]

podcast episodes Feb 20, 2024
heart health, diabetes, kidney disease

Do you struggle with diabetes or currently have pre-diabetes? For Chrystal, getting the dreaded ‘D’ diagnosis was the last thing she wanted, especially in light of her other existing health issues - hypothyroidism, lymphedema and high blood pressure. Over the years, she has also seen multiple family members suffer the effects of poorly controlled diabetes, such as impaired vision, amputations, and kidney disease.

But Chrystal had also been used to a Standard American Diet (or SAD) with a meat-heavy diet rich in junk foods, restaurant meals and lots of fried dishes. So what caused Chrystal to finally change her diet and how did a whole food plant-based diet lifestyle impact her blood sugars? Listen in to this episode to get the details, and you’ll also enjoy a little peek into what a day is like for Chrystal in terms of her meals and beverage intake!

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One of the turning points came when she had a shift in her mindset, encapsulated so well in this quote taken from the interview:


The way Chrystal saw it, she was fighting for her life, so every spoonful or forkful became a decision to make - to either choose the foods that would nourish her body and bring healing, or foods that would damage her body. Such a powerful way to think about it, don’t you agree?

So don’t miss this first part of my interview with Chrystal. You’ll walk away inspired and encouraged in your own health journey!


Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [2:55] What Chrystal’s lifestyle and diet was like previously
  • [4:54] The health issues she faced
  • [6:05] The turning point in her life and health journey
  • [7:13] How diabetes has impacted many loved ones around her
  • [12:11] The shocking way her doctor handled her new diabetes diagnosis
  • [13:51] The mindset that helped her make an overnight shift in her diet and lifestyle
  • [15:40] What a typical day now is like for her on a whole food plant-based diet
  • [16: 27] Whether potatoes can be eating on a plant-based diet with diabetes
  • [18:00] How she makes a vegan cheese sauce and ranch dressing sauce
  • [19:38] How her blood sugars changed in just 5 weeks (without meds!) 

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