Ep. 35 | What to Do Now with that Meat in the Freezer – Solutions for 3 Plant-Based Transition Scenarios

podcast episodes Feb 06, 2024
freezer, fruits, vegetables, meats

Transitioning to a new lifestyle like plant-based eating involves not just building a new mindset, but also simple, real practical issues…like lack of freezer space. You want to fill your fridge and cabinets now with more healthful plant-based foods…but there are still meats hogging your freezer space, and you don’t know what to do with them. There just isn’t enough room to store it all!

So what do you do with them now? If tossing them out just seems too wasteful to you, listen in. I want to give you a few real practical solutions and options for your dilemma. Let’s look at what you can do with those meats and other animal-based foods you have left in the home, so you can finally - once and for all - clear that freezer space for more foods that fit your new lifestyle. This episode is perfect for those looking to make this diet change soon, or who are in the midst of their transition, and are still dealing with this issue.  Let’s go!

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Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [2:02] An encouraging review of the podcast
  • [4:55] The freezer dilemma I faced in my diet transition 
  • [8:03] Scenario 1: Making a gradual plant-based diet transition 
  • [8:53] Scenario 2: Moving to plant-based eating with family still eating a regular diet 
  • [10:20] Scenario 3: Making a complete switch to a full plant-based diet and cooking for one
  • [12:15] An action step you can take
  • [12:33] How to connect for further support


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