Ep. 31 | BONUS: Peek Inside the Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course – Mary S. Student Testimonial

podcast episodes Jan 18, 2024

You’ve heard about the Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course, but what is it actually like to take it? Find out today what it’s like on the inside by hearing what one student graduate has to say about the recipes, modules, course outline design, and her experience taking this course. If you’ve been considering taking this online Course to help you move from a meat-heavy diet to a plant-powered one, then this episode is for you!

In this Bonus episode, I’ll be airing a segment of the Course testimonial interview Mary S. did with me after she finished the Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course. Through this, I hope you’ll get a better glimpse of what taking the PPLT Course will be like and gain more clarity on whether it’s for you. You may even be able to identify with some of Mary’s struggles at the beginning of her plant-based diet journey, and how she felt prior to taking the Course!

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Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [1:29] Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course Bundle Offer – Expiring Soon! 
  • [4:10] Background on Course Student Mary S.
  • [4:56] Mary’s struggles with plant-based eating before taking the PPLT Course
  • [7:01] Her review of the Course video lessons, handouts, and pace
  • [8:03] Mary’s review of the Course recipes tried so far
  • [9:37] Positive changes experienced soon after taking the Course
  • [10:37] What she enjoyed most about taking the PPLT Course 
  • [11:27] Mary’s biggest takeaway from this Course
  • [12:39] What you need in order to succeed in a plant-powered lifestyle for life
  • [13:24] Follow up on Mary’s progress after her back surgery
  • [15:10] How the PPLT Course can help you overcome the overwhelm and stress from making this diet change


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