Ep. 3 | Three Simple Strategies To Help You Build the Best Nutrition on a Plant-Based Diet

podcast episodes Jul 26, 2023

Do you want to make the change to plant-based eating but feel frustrated and helpless that you’re left to ‘figure it all out’ on your own? Starting anything new, but especially a lifestyle change, with limited support or guidance can definitely make the transition more challenging and difficult. Maybe you’re wondering, “How do I know what to eat, and make sure I’m getting good nutrition in the process?” You’re trying to do what you can on a plant-based diet, but still have that nagging worry and doubt that you’re doing it right.

Let’s make things easier. In today’s episode, I’ll share with you 3 simple yet effective strategies to help you build the BEST Nutrition as you move into a plant-powered lifestyle. And even if you’re just considering this lifestyle change at the moment, you can still easily use these 3 simple, smart, strategies to guide you towards building good nutrition. Find out how you can nourish your body AND transform your health the RIGHT way using plant-based foods!



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Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [4:00] One past student’s experience with her cardiology doctor
  • [5:00] Why I wanted to record this episode on plant-based diet nutrition for you
  • [5:50] What it means to focus on real whole plant-based foods
  • [7:30] How making your meals colorful can optimize your nutrition eating plant-based
  • [8:30] The importance of building variety into your meals

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