Ep. 28 | 4 Key Essentials to Building a Plant-Based Diet Lifestyle You’ll LOVE – Part 2

podcast episodes Jan 09, 2024
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Ready to begin plant-based eating, but don’t know where or how to start? It’s not that there isn’t any information available. The problem is that there’s too much of it. There’s a ton of Internet search results to sift through for credible diet information and vegan recipes to review to decide which ones to make. Everything feels overwhelming and exhausting to process. So much so that you want to give up even attempting to make this change…and you’ve barely just started!

Are you experiencing this now? If so, you’re not alone because I hear from many starting this journey and they are feeling the same way. Well, don’t give up yet. Let me guide you so you can move forward with more confidence and clarity. Take a listen to Episode 28:  4 Key Essentials to Building a Plant-Based Diet Lifestyle You’ll LOVE – Part 2 below:

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In this episode, I’ll dive into the 
remaining two KEY Essentials you’ll need to be equipped with, so you can TRULY start building the plant-powered life you’ll love. Find out what the clear path to success in plant-based eating is, and WHERE to focus your attention on in your diet transition. Let’s get you moving smoothly to enjoyable plant-based eating, so you can enjoy the health transformation you want. Ready? Listen in!

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [1:58] Get details on the Fast Action Bonuses – available only until Jan 12, 2024!
  • [6:34] Quick summary of Part 1 and Part 2 of the Plant-Based Diet Success Series 
  • [7:44] Key Essential #3: Smart Recipe Integration
  • [11:23] Key Essential #4: Lifestyle Success Strategies
  • [14:43] My harrowing airplane experience
  • [16:20] Why all 4 Key Essentials are crucial for a successful plant-based diet transition 
  • [18:04] How to make this diet transition despite a busy life and schedule

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