Ep. 15 | Fact or Fiction? 4 Common Myths About a Plant-Based Diet Busted

podcast episodes Oct 17, 2023
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Are you eager to improve your health and the idea of a plant-based diet has been on your mind? You want to try it, but there are also a million questions running through your mind. Like “Is this REALLY possible with my busy schedule and life?”, and Won’t it take hours in the kitchen and be too exhausting to do?”. Or maybe you’re wondering, “Will it be bland and tasteless or make me lack nutrients like protein?” If these are your questions, you’re in the RIGHT place!

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In this episode, I’ll address top worries and fears around plant-based eating, and highlight 4 especially common concerns I often hear about. I’ll show you why these key worries are actually myths and how plant-based eating can be easier and more doable than you think. So pull up a chair at the café table with me, and let’s dive into this topic together while you sip on your favorite hot cuppa!

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [3:30] Benefits of plant-based eating 
  • [4:10] Common concerns or worries about starting
  • [5:40] Myth #1: You won’t get enough protein and nutrition on a plant-based diet 
  • [8:50] Myth #2: A plant-based diet will be boring and bland
  • [10:20] Myth #3: Eating plant-based costs too much
  • [11:27] Myth #4: Plant-based meals take too much time and effort to make
  • [13:19] An action step you can take & how to connect with me

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