Ep. 14 | The No. 1 Mistake To Avoid When Starting a Plant-Based Diet (If You Want To Reach Your Health & Weight Goals)

podcast episodes Oct 10, 2023
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What’s a common problem faced by those in their plant-based diet transitions? It’s consistency. Why is it that after a few weeks or months into plant-based eating, many end up returning to their old habits and a regular diet, and wonder in discouragement why they weren’t able to reach their health and weight goals? If you’re facing this challenge too, this episode is for you!

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In this episode, I’ll tell you the Number 1 most common mistake I see many starting a plant-based diet make, which can have a huge impact on the success of their transition and even how long they are able to stay plant-based eating. Whether you’re about to start a plant-based diet or currently in transition, listen in so you’ll know exactly what you need to avoid doing, and what you need to ensure you have, in order to enjoy a thriving plant-powered lifestyle. Tune in!

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [5:30] How your transition could impact your health and others 
  • [7:00] The #1 most common mistake made
  • [8:10] The iceberg analogy 
  • [9:00] Some crucial elements needed for a smooth transition
  • [13:00] What your life could be like with better health

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