Ep. 10 | What to REALLY Expect When You Are Plant-Based Eating

podcast episodes Sep 12, 2023
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Sometimes, if you don’t know what to expect or what’s ahead, it can be harder to make a change or even take that FIRST step forward. If that’s how you’re feeling, you’re definitely not alone.  It’s natural to feel this way and have the ‘fear of the unknown’ – I’ve experienced it too.  How much more then when it comes to something as big as a lifestyle change into plant-based eating?

An example that comes to mind of this is like waiting in line to get onto a new ride at the amusement park. It looks fun but also…scary at the same time and you don’t really know what it’ll be like or whether you will enjoy the ride. All you can do is go by the experiences of others and by what they tell you, until you experience it for yourself. It can feel the same way with starting something new like plant-based eating. Can you relate?

That’s why, if you’re thinking of starting plant-based eating or have just begun, I want to tell you today what eating plant-based is like. Listen to Episode 10: What to REALLY Expect When You Are Plant-Based Eating below!


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In this episode, we’ll look together at three of the key changes you can expect when you begin plant-based eating. By doing so, I hope it will help remove some of your worries and uncertainties around eating a plant-based diet. Be prepared to be surprised and have some of your burning questions answered in this episode!

Episode Highlights & Key Timestamps:

  • [2:17] PlantNourished Transition Success Method
  • [5:20] Expectation # 1: Expect Gut Changes
  • [6:04] Some potential gut problems that may occur
  • [7:48] Expectation # 2: Expect Different Meals 
  • [8:36] Expectation # 3: Expect Larger Meals…Most of the Time
  • [9:00] Whether you need to calorie count
  • [9:20] Why and how transition problems can arise

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