This Will Help You Succeed on a Plant-Based Diet

plant based diet transition tips Mar 22, 2022

Why People Follow Plant-Based Diets

A review study published in 2020 revealed that people had many motivations behind following plant-based diets. These reasons included wanting better health, to lose weight, and ethical reasons such as environmental concern, world hunger, religion, and animal welfare. Some were even motivated by political, financial, sensory, taste, mood or convenience reasons.*

Out of these, though, some of the most commonly measured motivations were health, taste, animal welfare, environmental concern and weight loss.* Are you surprised?

Do You Have a Strong Why?

After working with clients wanting to move to plant-based eating, I’ve seen how the main motivation for changing to plant-powered eating may be different for each person.

Some make this change because they want to live a longer, healthier life, or to set a good example for their children, help improve their health and encourage them to enjoy a greater variety of foods. For others, it's important to better this environment for future generations by making wiser food choices today. For many, though, it’s to heal their body in some way, bring down high cholesterol levels or prevent that next dreaded heart attack. 

Watch this short video below to find out why our family decided to move to plant-based eating. [Spoiler alert: no, it didn’t involve children staging a hunger strike in the kitchen!] 

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So want to succeed on a plant-based diet? Start with a STRONG why. This is something that you believe deeply in (e.g., animal welfare) or that you are emotionally attached too (e.g., your grandchildren). These core reasons will be what will sustain you if and when you face some challenges on your plant-based journey. If you have more than one STRONG Why, that’s even better!

So remember this: no matter what your motivation is, it’s important to know and have a STRONG why for moving forward. This will help you stay on track in your new plant-powered lifestyle!

(* Source: Akari J Miki, Kara A Livingston, Micaela C Karlsen, Sara C Folta, Nicola M McKeown, Using Evidence Mapping to Examine Motivations for Following Plant-Based Diets, Current Developments in Nutrition, Volume 4, Issue 3, March 2020.)

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