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I want to help YOU transform your health through the power of plant-based foods and support you so that you can enjoy a healthy, active and vibrant life!


Tired of trying to figure out how to do this 'plant-based thing' on your own? 

When we work together, you'll be able to confidently reap the powerful health benefits of a plant-based diet that is easy to follow, WITHOUT long hours in the kitchen or sacrificing taste and convenience!

Do you have health problems like high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure? Or perhaps you have a loved one with these health challenges that is at high risk for a heart attack or stroke. Either way I can help.

You know a plant-based diet is the solution to those challenges, but maybe you're thinking, "How on earth is it possible to move to plant-based eating if my life is already so busy and demanding?" Perhaps you already have a busy working schedule or have a seemingly 'round the clock' role caring for children or a loved one. You want to make plant-based eating a part of your life, but just don't know HOW that can be possible with all of life's constant demands and your current busy schedule. How is it possible to fit a plant-based diet transition into your already full life, without adding to its current stress and busyness?

So you wonder about this. Yet deep down you know that if you DON'T make this important change to your diet and life NOW, things will only get worse.

Your health problems will be here to stay… and will likely soon get more serious. Your medication list will only get longer, and you'll have to suffer more medication side effects. You'll continue to feel anxious, stressed, and worried about your health (or a loved one's health) and have sleepless nights, wondering constantly when that dreaded heart attack or stroke will occur, or that next sudden out-of-pocket large medical bill…

I want you to know that I get you.

As a working mother with young children, I know what it's like to be busy, feel stressed and stretched many times. Having been a daughter to a bedridden mother, I also know what it's like to be a long-term carer for a loved one and the added stress that brings on. And having worked in many settings, I know the pressure of racing to finish team projects and meeting work deadlines.

Let's be honest, life will continue to be busy, and may get busier. But your health also needs prioritizing, because we only have ONE LIFE

I'm here to tell you now: this transition to plant-based eating & a healthier more vibrant life is TOTALLY DOABLE.

With my proven signature transition system, you'll be able to fit a plant-based diet transition easily into your current life, moving to a healthier plant-powered lifestyle for lasting and rapid health transformation. So you can reap the benefits of a plant-based diet while you live, work, and the midst of your busy life and schedule! 

I'm Ready to Work Together

Just think for a moment how powerful it would be to develop the essential plant-based prep and cooking skills to create nourishing meals for yourself in your busy life and enjoy the health transformation you’ve been longing for. To be able to confidently maintain a healthy plant-powered lifestyle for long-term health and wellness. To look forward to social gatherings, because you know what dishes you can easily and confidently whip up for family and friends to enjoy.

Now imagine what this can do for you. In the first few days of working together, you'll feel more confident and less overwhelmed, because you’ve grasped the basics of plant-based eating, and know what to expect as you begin living this new lifestyle.

Then there’s next month. You’ve started to add in a few new plant-based ingredients into your meals and found out how easy it was to prepare them. You’ve enjoyed the new recipes you tried and can't wait to will make them again. You’re delighted that you're feeling better, with more energy and your jeans are even starting to fit better on you!

A few months later down the road, you start receiving positive comments from your family members and friends. They notice that you look better, have more confidence, and are loving the dishes you bring to gatherings. But the BIGGEST changes are possibly going to be in your internal health and your blood work. You may find your medical conditions like high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels, heart problems, and high blood pressure improving or even possibly disappearing, along with medication side effects as your medication list shortens. Your body is starting to thank you for the positive changes you’ve made.

Just imagine what differences these plant-based prep and cooking skills can make, and how much longer and healthier your life can be – 10, 20, 30 years down the road…and how much less anxious and worried you can feel about your health. Instead, you can focus on creating memorable and treasured experiences with your loved ones, watching your children grow up and get married, and finally go visit those places that have been sitting on your bucket list!

If starting a plant-based diet feels extremely daunting and overwhelming to you, rest assured. You have all the support and resources you need right here at PlantNourished. Let's take away your guesswork, confusion, and overwhelm so you can make a smooth and quick transition to a plant thriving life. I want to give you the strategies, kitchen prep hacks, and REAL practical recipes you need to make delicious time-saving meals... again and again.

It's not too late to turn your health and life around with a nourishing, satisfying and delicious plant-based diet!


So if you're ready to start on the best road to transforming your health and begin living vibrantly, apply for a complimentary one-on-one Rapid Health Transformation Session Call.

I can't wait to begin your plant-based journey with you!

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Dr. Arthur T.

Just made the Thai Pineapple Chickpea Saute. It was delicious. Had this yesterday and today. I've been doing pretty well after learning from you the advantages of plant-based eating and how to make tasty meals, AND.......I am now down to 179 from the  200 when you started teaching me how to eat healthy.

Bella E.

My entire family loves every recipe from Anna! My husband finds the recipes easy to follow and very tasty! He cooked some dishes from scratch, by himself, including the chia seeds mousse!

I had the pleasure of working with Anna to reach our family goal of becoming healthier and cook more plant-based meals. Anna is so passionate about helping people and she always answered all my questions, including plant-based children nutrition.

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