12-Session THRIVING Vibrant Health Coaching Package

Start making the changes today that your body will thank you for tomorrow...with the RIGHT help & support that you need! 

Are you completely new to plant-based eating and don't know where or how to start? Perhaps you've tried a plant-based diet before in the past but had trouble staying on it. Or maybe you're already in transition but feel frustrated about not being able to reach your desired health and/or weight goals. Whatever it is, let's tackle these challenges together!


As a dedicated and caring Plant-Based Dietitian & Transition Coach, I will give you the expert guidance you need. Let me help you troubleshoot your challenges and show you an easier way to an enjoyable, thriving plant-powered lifestyle using key strategies, kitchen hacks, and tasty nutrient-packed recipes!


Here's what you can expect from this High Value 12-Session Personalized Coaching Package:

  • Enjoy 12 personalized 40-minute coaching sessions
  • Discuss desired health/weight goals and get a customized personal plan for success in reaching those goals
  • Build a positive plant-powered mindset
  • Receive in-depth guidance and support with customized strategies to implement the individualized plan 
  • Establish a strong foundation to confidently sustain a thriving plant-powered vibrant life
  • Learn how to build nourishing and satisfying plant-powered plates
  • Master pro-level time & energy-saving plant-based kitchen cooking skills and hacks 
  • Learn how to use and cook with a wide array of plant-based ingredients and foods
  • Optimize your health using top plant-based nutrition boosting strategies
  • Gain confidence in plant-based cooking, making a variety of easy & tasty recipes that can be enjoyed again and again
  • Receive support and help in troubleshooting any transition challenges so you can overcome them with ease 
  • Maximize your ability to optimize your health and nutrition, and reach desired goals, with 1-1 coaching support and personalized attention over 12 sessions
  • Receive responsive email and messaging support 

Let's start working together today so you can have a smooth and successful transition to a thriving plant-powered lifestyle, and get the rapid health transformation you want!


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